Integrated Account Opening System Accelerated Account Opening Process

Situation/Challenge The client required to integrate OneHSBC cards processing system with HSBC Brazil local systems which were heavily customized. Reengineering of customer service channels (Staff, Internet, Intranet, IVR, VRU, ATM, Branch, call center) Enhancements to OneHSBC Installment loan functionality as per Brazil business requirements Solution OneHSBC cards systems is an end to end Cards processing […]

Featured Case Study: A1PlusSoft helped financial services firm achieve operational cost saving through third party platform

Client Among Top 5 Financial Services firms in US Business Challenges The client wanted to have a common processing platform across all the countries. The Canada unit had about 0.26 million customer accounts maintained on third party proprietary card processing system .This prevented our client of a major share in profits as well as resulting […]