Companies in the area of utilities engage in complex projects with changing regulatory environment and risk in project execution. A1PlusSoft offers services to align utility companies to increasing competition in order to optimize the energy mix and deploy smart technology to increase efficiency.

A1PlusSoft is capable of providing services in the areas of technology upgrades, order management, meter reading interface, billing & payments, interface, bill prints & statement generation, customer call center, damage assessment, disaster recovery,

Utilities/ Energy Offerings

Technology Upgrades

  • There is no end for technology. The technology is keep changing to improve the efficiency and to handle the security challenges. We work with our clients to upgrade their systems.
  • Successfully completed Various migration such as convert applications from Windows 3.1 to Windows 2000, Windows 2000 to Windows XP and Windows XP to Windows 7.

Order Management

  • We work with our clients, develop and support the order processing system. Support business link, new business, Emergency orders (such as Gas leak), same day orders (with trip charge),
  • Change Name/Turn on order, Shutoff order, Shutoff non-payment, Turn on non-payment, etc.
  • Interface to SOA, work management system &Ventyx system

 Meter Reading Interface

  • We work with our clients to do their business from meter to cash. Schedule/setup meter reading windows and extract the routes and meters information, load them onto the handhelds and driveby devices. Upgrade software on handheld/driveby devices. Transfer meter readings to Billing, handle actual readings and estimate readings. Explore other meter reading methods such as using charter flights and drones.

 Billing & Payments

  • Utility companies have to deal with customers for Billing and payments. We work with clients for various billing and payment options such as online billing, batch billing, budget billing/payment, Fixed price billing, Credit agreements, AC Cycling, etc., and accepting the customers’ payments with EFT Payments, Check Payments, Paystation payments and Walk-ins Interface
  • Securing sensitive information about the customers are vital for the business. Transferring data between companies and vendors should be secured from any tampering. We work with clients for SSL/TLS upgrades and encrypt/decrypt  with data encryption techniques.
  • Setup IVR interface with data access programs and database.
  • Interface with Equifax/Transunion/Experian for Customer SSN Verification.
  • Interface with Pipe Inspection.
  • Interface with Street Light Outage.
  • Send Outage Alert Email/Text Messages.
  • Send Order Completion Email.

 Bill prints/Statement generation

  • Generating a paper bill statement which is very easy to read and less complexity is very important. Using bill designer software with various variables for Standard messages, special messages and custom messages, we can generate and customize the statement based on business requirements.

 Customer Call Center

  • Handling the customer calls and answering the customer calls in a shot time with right information is very important for the business. We work with client to navigate to appropriate screens based onthe call types, customer types, etc. Record the call stats for business analysis.

 Damage Assessment system

  • Heavy wind/storm could damage the company properties such as power lines, lamp post, Transformers, etc. Storing those properties detail in database, integrate with Google maps, and GIS system provides better assessment of the damages, and restore power quickly.

 Disaster recovery

  • Maintaining the system availability for 24/7 is very important for business. If any unexpected disaster happens, speedy recovery and keeping the business as usual is very important role for the IT department.
  • We work with Client, Identify critical applications, Create test plans,backup data & application and load them at remote system and execute the test cases, record the test results and lessons learned