Integrated Account Opening System Accelerated Account Opening Process


  • The client required to integrate OneHSBC cards processing system with HSBC Brazil local systems which were heavily customized.
  • Reengineering of customer service channels (Staff, Internet, Intranet, IVR, VRU, ATM, Branch, call center)
  • Enhancements to OneHSBC Installment loan functionality as per Brazil business requirements


  • OneHSBC cards systems is an end to end Cards processing system which has functionalities to process Merchant Installment, Revolving loans, Closed-end loans, ATM and Debit products.


  • Integrated Account opening system with OneHSBC cards system.
  • Dropped redundant functionalities from customer facing channels and redesigned all channels using EAI integration frame work
  • Architected solutions for GL and Memo processing systems to integrate with OneHSBC cards.
  • Provided high level designs for Merchant acquiring functions to support Brazil specific Installment promotional plans
  • Provided solutions to interface credit bureau, Reward Partners, Embossing vendors and direct debit


  • Call centers representatives were able to serve customers effectively
  • With the improved response times online account opening process Partnered Merchants were able to provide loans to the customers quickly.
  • Business was able to setup and roll out promotions without Technology support.